You Resist The Temptation

You Resist The Temptation

To ask for help

Because you have become

So numb

To the pain

Of being let down

And so used to

Not having any comfort

For once in your life

Assume that this

Is a blessing in disguise

And if it does you wrong

Then turn the right way

In a direction

Only you could come up from

Soul For Sale

I was a soul

For purchase

On the roaming boat

On the River Styx

Sailing aimlessly through a fog

Ladened with the essence

Of darkness

I wait for the day

The moment

That I am chosen

To come forth

From this hell

To be one with the physical world


To be freed from this spell

Eternal imprisonment

Thought to Self : Devastation

Thought to Self

As usual

Tis the way

The only way

In today’s society

Where I can use the wordplay

That would otherwise offend

I hope I do not offend

When I say

That the world is becoming worse

Day by day

But I know

That I will offend

Those who are optimistic

For they defend

Something that is unrealistic

That is hope

For cooperation

When it is human nature

To wage conflict

And cause devastation