Wandering Along

Wandering Along

This desolate strait

I find myself

Getting lost in this waste

Land, this place I stand

Is collapsing in on itself


I am falling with the pieces

Getting lost in the darkness

Closing in

Coming closer


Soul For Sale

I was a soul

For purchase

On the roaming boat

On the River Styx

Sailing aimlessly through a fog

Ladened with the essence

Of darkness

I wait for the day

The moment

That I am chosen

To come forth

From this hell

To be one with the physical world


To be freed from this spell

Eternal imprisonment

Thought to Self : Devastation

Thought to Self

As usual

Tis the way

The only way

In today’s society

Where I can use the wordplay

That would otherwise offend

I hope I do not offend

When I say

That the world is becoming worse

Day by day

But I know

That I will offend

Those who are optimistic

For they defend

Something that is unrealistic

That is hope

For cooperation

When it is human nature

To wage conflict

And cause devastation