The Last Bastion

If we shall fall

In the wake of The Roaming Tides

Where the snake hides

Beyond the willow

Our tears will dry

As we retreat

To our silhouettes

Asunder we break

Only to come

With blood on our faces

To The Last Bastion

Of hope

To any gods

I hope the walls

Do not fall

As did the Kingdom

The home we once knew

Not so long ago


The Infernal Chasm

Tread lightly

Where you walk

There is a delicate pattern

Of inconsistent life

Synergy that surrounds us

At all times

The energy that consumes

The darkness that entombs

Our souls

When we go

To a place untold

And only imagined

Through the inferno


When Dante depicted

The gruesome image

Of the fiery chasm

Where in this depth of red and death

The energy we are left

Is all but swept

Into the darkness

Of the shadows

The Tangent

Going on a tangent

Only to get lost in the advent

Of my sins

Because I’m cosigned to commit

The grievous act of wiping the floor

With the saints

For the fate of my beginning

Is to end

Just as the middle is

For resolution

There is a dissolution

Of the concept of the moral code

Surely it does not bode well

With the incoming generation

When the current can’t even get a grip of themselves

And their infatuation with wealth

When all we do is become poorer

While becoming unconcerned about our health

Amongst other things

Such as people dying in the streets

While everyone’s noses are pushed against their phones

Snap a pic to put on the gram and then they’re gone

As for those whom this may concern

Are left asking where do we go

From here

This elevated sense of fear

Has got us screaming to the wind

When will this insanity end

For we have little strength left

To fend off the monsters again

Who come

Even in broad daylight

Prophecy: End Time

Take notice of the End Time

For it is the last time

You shall see yourself

Surrounded by all the things

That make you

The person you are

Is far

From the person you wish you were

And people see a different version of you

Through their own scope

I hope

That the End Time comes gracefully

And does not displace your soul

To wander aimlessly

Along the river of death

I wish you the best

Because the End Time is dangerously–



Perpetuate positivity

Through a stream

In which I call consciousness

To be consciously positive

Like the stream of a river

Before you wither

Similar to leaves

Falling from the trees

In September

Be the August of your life

The burning summer sun

Your strife